Healthcare product testing implemented in collaboration with companies, hospital test beds´ personnel and clinicians aims to provide fast feedback of the usability of new healthcare ideas and products. The long term goal of the Nordic Test Beds project has been to create common Nordic practices for health care test bed activities. The project results and tools have been collected at this page, and can be freely used for further development of test bed activities.

Userguide_How to assess value and benefits of innovation – This user guide shows you how to stepwise evaluate whether your innovation is useful, starting from idea all the way to the implementation.

Evaluated benefits of cooperation between Nordic test beds within health careThe benefits presented in the report are based on interviews of both companies and hospital personnel.

Guidelines for testing in clinical environments – These guidelines are for testbed staff within the Nordic testbeds, within NoTeB, and for the companies contacting any of the testbeds.

NoTeB presentation

NoTeB press release