Towards common practices for testing and development in Nordic hospitals

The Nordic Hospitals and Innovation Centers have identified the need to strengthen the Nordic level strategic and operational level cooperation. The Nordic health care systems vary in their service production and operational procedures from country to country, and also the test beds operate with different methods and practices. Moreover, the companies and developers of health and welfare solutions within the Nordic region have indicated that they do not have a sufficient understanding of the needs of the public sector healthcare actors. NoTeB addresses these challenges by joining experiences and know-how of Nordic university hospitals and innovation centers in order to create efficient Nordic test bed cooperation ecosystem and common best practices.

Through NoTeB activities the care providers will have access to shared Nordic working habits, tools and guidelines. The implementation of new user friendly product/service ideas of health care professionals is also improved. For companies from the Nordic region, the project offers opportunities to test new innovative products and prototypes in realistic hospital environment, also outside their country of origin. This will speed up development times, decrease development costs and enhance the quality of the products. More efficient development will accelerate time-to-market of products and amplify the profitability for companies. Overall, the project will have impacts on public health by generating new products and supporting the professionals through the need driven innovations.


Nordic Test Beds (NoTeB) and Nordic Network of Test Beds (NNTB) are Nordic Innovation funded sister projects in the pursuit for higher visibility and access to services provided by health field testbeds in the Nordics.  Together the two projects aim to secure a coordinated and varied offer of testbed services all across the Nordic countries.The NNTB project is coordinated by Oslo Medtech, and implemented with a total of 9 partners including hospitals, capital region and testbed facilities. Read more about NNTB here.