Collaboration boosted the development of need-based Monidrop solution

Anna Erikson Attefall, Projektledare på Innovation Akademiska.
Personnel from the infection ward at Uppsala University Hospital are testing the Monidrop device. Anna Attefall, Innovation Akademiska (third from right) follows the testing procedure.

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals have a very important role in developing innovations, i.e. new need-based solutions, since they are the expert on what needs the healthcare have. The personnel can both be innovators themselves and also testers of new solutions. This was the case with Monidrop, a small device designed to improve the quality of care in intravenous therapy.

Rheumatologist Antti Puolitaival noted in his daily work in hospital that manually conducted intravenous therapy was inaccurate and increased the nurses´ work load, and realized that there was a need of a small and simple infusion monitor. Accurate intravenous fluid therapy could not only make the work of the nurses easier, but also shorten hospital stay[1], reduce complications[2] and prevent severe injuries[3. Such a device didn’t exist on the market, so Puolitaival decided to invent such a device himself and hence the development of Monidrop begun. To facilitate the development the company Monidor was established in March 2015. Monidrop device has been developed in cooperation whit the university hospitals of Oulu and Kuopio in Finland.

Monidrop was one of the solutions selected for testing in the Nordic Test Beds project at the end of 2016. During the project the device has been tested at the university hospitals in Lund and Uppsala, Sweden.

At Uppsala University Hospital, the evaluation of Monidrop was planned by Anna Attefall, Project Manager at Innovation Akademiska, the hospital’s innovation unit. Mikko Savola, Monidor CEO, came two days in June 2017 to meet nurses at three different wards; the emergency ward (ten nurses), an orthopedic ward (three nurses) and finally an infection ward (four nurses). Each evaluation was executed during two hours, during which the personnel were given a short introduction of the product by Savola. In addition, they could ask questions and test Monidrop themselves. During the evaluations suggestion of improvements was collected by Attefall.

Afterwards Savola got a written test report from Attefall, describing the process of testing, who participated and also the collected feedback. The feedback was mainly positive, and the device was estimated as easy to use and would provide great help for the nurses.

Savola is satisfies with the Nordic Test Beds cooperation. “The size of Finnish market is small. Cooperation with the Nordic Test Beds project has helped us to widen our contacts outside of Finland, and to find potential new customers. “, Savola says.

Monidrop was CE marked in October 2017. ”CE marking helps us in heading to wider markets, too. In 2018 Monidrop will be taken into trial runs in France and Germany”, Savola says.


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