Nordic Test Beds continues healthcare product testing with new cases

In September 2017 NoTeB, the Nordic Test Beds project, opened its final call for companies and innovators interested in getting their healthcare products or services tested by healthcare professionals within the Nordic network. Based on the received applications, the project team has now selected seven solutions to be tested, and is currently negotiating with selected applicants to specify the testing requirements and timetables

Nordic Test Beds project coordinator Kalevi Virta was positively surprised by the variety and quality of applications. “Overall, the applications were based on real needs of patients or healthcare professionals”, Virta says.

The solutions selected for testing are:

  • Adesante´s Clinical Operation Simulator (COS™) virtual reality solution for surgery planning (Turku, Finland),
  • MediTuner AB´s AsthmaTuner digital self-management solution for asthmatics (Stockholm, Sweden),
  • Medow AB´s IV bracelet for intravenous tubes attachment (Lund, Sweden)
  • Nucu Oy´s Nucu “kangaroo method” nest for babies with wooden plate and soft nest part (Oulu, Finland)
  • Q-linea AB´s ASTar Instrument System for automated antibiotic susceptibility testing (Uppsala, Sweden),
  • Runitec A/S´s Trauma carpet designed for hypothermic and trauma patients (Aalborg, Danmark), and
  • WeVision´s Laboratory Cost Modelling & Analytics tool (Oulu, Finland).

Adesante´s Clinical Operation Simulator (COS™) utilizes imaging data for planning demanding surgery. It offers faster planning, increased accuracy, and possibility to practice demanding surgeries for maintaining expertise and measurable perform more successful surgeries.

MediTuner AB’s AsthmaTuner provides patients with their treatment plan directly to their smart phones and also enables distance monitoring and individual treatment by providing a spirometer and an app for the patient and a web portal for the care giver.

Medow AB´s IV bracelet for intravenous tubes attachment keeps the tubes and the needle in place during various kinds of treatments. The bracelet gives the patient a comfortable treatment and eases the nurses’ work.

Nucu Oy´s Nucu nest for babies imitates the sound and the feeling of parent´s heartbeat and enables better sleep for babies. The solution was originally developed for prematurely born babies, but the aim is to promote well being of children and families both in hospitals and homes.

Q-linea AB´s ASTar Instrument System will perform antibiotic susceptibility test from a positive blood culture in only six hours, a process that today takes 24-48 hours. The system allows physicians to take informative treatment decisions on time.

Runitec A/S´s Trauma carpet offers more effective thermal protection for hypothermic and trauma patients, and enables quick and safe wrapping.

WeVision´s cloud solution for laboratory cost and profitability analytics solution models organization’s actual process performance and produces accurate cost and profitability information by customers and products down to transaction level to enable better and more informed decisions and operational development.

In Nordic Test Beds project altogether 15 healthcare products or services will be tested in genuine hospital environment in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. All 15 solutions for testing have now been selected and the testing will be completed during the winter 2018.