Nordic Test Beds (NoTeB) is searching for new healthcare products and innovations – The third and final call for test cases

In the autumn of 2017 seven healthcare products will be selected for testing within NoTeB, the Nordic cooperation network of university hospital based testbeds. The test sites include innovation centers and testbeds at the university hospitals of Oulu (Finland), Uppsala (Sweden), Skåne (Sweden), Aalborg (Denmark) and Oslo (Norway).  The call is open from September 1st until September 22nd.

About NoTeB

The NoTeB project aims to both build cooperation between Nordic test beds operating in healthcare, and to learn testing practices from each other. In addition, companies are supported in their attempt to reach the Nordic healthcare market. The long-term goal is to implement permanent and common practices for joint Nordic testing of healthcare products. NoTeB is funded by Nordic Innovation, a Nordic institution working to promote cross-border trade and innovation, with board members selected by the five Nordic governments.


 The call

The call is open for companies and innovators who

  • are interested in getting their healthcare products or services tested by healthcare professionals
  • can present a mature business plan for the product/service
  • have resources to support testing during the autumn/winter of 2017, including travels to the different test sites

The product or service:

  • has an innovative approach or solution for real problems in especially hospital environment
  • is preferably still in the development phase and hence able to adapt depending on test results
  • can be a prototype or a mature innovation
  • is not yet broadly on the market; in case the product/service has reached final development

Please note that the following is not offered within this call:

  • Clinical tests
  • Tests including patients
  • Support for procurement

The major intention of the call is to test products or services that are not too complex to be put into operation at the testing sites. The goal is that testing of all cases will be completed during winter 2017-2018.


The process for testing

After seven applicants has been chosen, the project managers at the different NoTeB sites will, with the information from the applicants, contact local healthcare professionals to evaluate the interest for testing. Depending on the interest and the maturity of the product/service, the testing can vary from evaluation based on received documentation to hands on testing by healthcare professionals. That is, the testing will vary from shorter evaluations to tests performed during several days; depending on the product/services.

The test sites will vary from one to all five NoTeB partners, also depending on the interest from the healthcare professionals.

Regardless of test, the professionals’ evaluation and feedback is collected and summarized by the local NoTeB project manager and returned to the company/innovator, to be used in further product/service development process.


Economical support

  • The NoTeB project supports the financial costs of the tests such as cost for professionals’ time, rent of premises etc.
  • Companies bear their own costs during testing, such as travel costs etc.


The call is coordinated by Centre for Health and Technology, University of Oulu. For additional information you can also contact your regional partner:


Innovation Akademiska: Anna Attefall, anna.erikson.attefall(at)

Innovation Skåne: Fred Kjellson, fred.kjellson(at)


Aalborg University Hospital, Ideklinikken:  Jørn Kristiansen, petrijok(at)


Oslo University Hospital, Centre for Connected Care (C3): Kari Hengeböl,

Finland and Iceland:

University of Oulu, Centre for Health and Technology (CHT): Kalevi Virta, kalevi.virta(at)


Interested candidates should submit the filled application form (applicationform_NoTeb_round3) no later than September 22nd by email to the Project Coordinator Kalevi Virta, kalevi.virta(at) If more applicable, the test case description can be filled in powerpoint template (NoTeB Case application template 2017). In any case contact and company details should be filled in the application form.


In short

The call is open the 1st – 22nd of September.

The call is aimed for Nordic companies and innovators that are, or are going to, develop innovative healthcare products or services.

Testing will be performed during late autumn or winter of 2017/2018.

Interested candidates should submit the filled application form (applicationform_NoTeb_round3) no later than September 22nd by email to the Project Coordinator Kalevi Virta, kalevi.virta(at)


More information on previously selected NoTeB cases: