Next call for Nordic Test Beds cases will be opened in autumn 2017

In autumn 2017 there will be a possibility for companies to apply for testing their healthcare solution in Nordic hospitals. During the third application round Nordic Test Beds (NoTeB) project will select seven new cases to be tested in the Nordic cooperation network of university hospital based test beds in Oulu (Finland), Uppsala (Sweden), Skåne (Sweden), Aalborg (Denmark) and Oslo (Norway).

The testing of cases selected earlier in NoTeB project is still ongoing, and to avoid unnecessary waiting times and ensure that testing procedures of individual cases proceed as fluently as possible, the next call will be opened in autumn 2017, not during spring 2017 as has been informed before. However, interested applicants may contact project coordinator Kalevi Virta already now to receive further information. More information on application time, offerings and requirements will be published in early autumn.