The Sunnaas Testbed Facilities: 50 years of innovative rehabilitation

Sunnaas Hospital is dedicated to being a driving force in rehabilitation research and innovation, and has proved to be an attractive partner for companies developing new solutions for the health industry.

Tekst: Tom Haavardstun

Sunnaas Hospital’s testbed facilities are spread around the hospital to be as close as possible to the patient, where the real treatment and rehabilitation takes place. Gamified training tools and robots will likely be key elements in the future innovation processes at Sunnaas.

When someone in Norway is in a serious accident with major injuries, there is a good chance that the patient will end up at Sunnaas for rehabilitation and training. Through the years many well-known people have spent hard times here – with the accompanying media coverage spreading the Sunnaas brand.

Innovation has been part of daily life at Sunnaas for 50 years, often through the collaboration with companies. In 2010, the Unit for Innovation was established at the hospital to ensure that the innovation processes were finally systemized and targeted.

–We needed a better understanding on what people involved in this kind of treatment are thinking and of the challenges they meet, and put in place a formal system for how to work with the health industry, says unit leader Sveinung Tornås.

Now, when companies eager to test their product or solution contact Sunnaas, they meet a well-prepared organization. They are asked to fill out a form describing what they want to test and the level of cooperation they are applying for. The application is evaluated with the relevant hospital unit. If the project is of interest, it will be established as a project in the Innovation Unit.

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