Call for Test Cases – Nordic Test Beds testing opportunity for new healthcare products and innovations

Nordic Test Beds (NoTeB) project is opening a call to get five new cases to be tested in the Nordic cooperation network of university hospital based test beds.  The call is open until October 31th.

The project has two main objectives:

  • To build up the interface in real test cases for the new incoming companies to rapidly reach the Nordic market and to be able to develop Nordic products and services.
  • To create better cooperation between Nordic test beds operating in healthcare through systematic procedures and innovative collaboration methods.

The NoTeB project is in the fall of 2016 searching for companies or innovators interested to participate as test cases in testing their ideas or products.

The project ’s fall of 2016 objective is to find 5 new ideas or products to be tested in the project network including innovation centers and test sites at university hospitals of Oulu (Finland), Uppsala (Sweden), Skåne (Sweden), Aalborg (Denmark) and Oslo (Norway).

The cases are expected to have innovative approaches or solutions for real problems especially in the hospital environment. The written proposal shall include one single product or service innovation, which is not yet broadly on the markets. The major intention of the project is to test products or ideas that are not too complex to be put into operation in the testing sites.

The testing of cases is preliminary planned to happen in the different test locations. The received documentation of selected cases is first exposed to local health care professionals, and their evaluation and feedback is collected and returned to respective case owners to be used in product/service development process. Depending on the interests of the different testing sites the testing can sometimes be done only based on received documentation as “on paper”.

Interested to be one of the candidates to be selected for testing? We expect you to submit your application  (please fill the application form: applicationform_noteb_round2) by October 31th by email to the Project Coordinator Kalevi Virta, kalevi.virta(at)

The call is coordinated by Centre for Health and Technology, University of Oulu. For additional information you can also contact your regional partner:


Innovation Akademiska: Anna Attefall, anna.erikson.attefall(at)

Innovation Skåne: Fred Kjellson, fred.kjellson(at)


Aalborg University Hospital, Ideklinikken:  Jørn Kristiansen, petrijok(at)


Oslo University Hospital, Centre for Connected Care (C3): Ole G. Moland, uxmooc(at)

Finland and Iceland:

University of Oulu, Centre for Health and Technology (CHT): Kalevi Virta, kalevi.virta(at)


NoteB project is looking forward to your active participation and we are keen to receive new cases to offer the Nordic test sites for cooperation!