The first three healthcare products were selected for testing in NoTeB project


Plastic cast replacement constucted by ortopedists from Uppsala university hospital (Akademiska sjukhuset) represents one of the healthcare solutions to be tested in NoTeB project.

During the Nordic Test Beds project altogether 15 healthcare products or services will be tested in genuine hospital environment in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The first three products have now been selected for testing, and the tests will begin soon. The selected products are SplintEEZ -cast replacement, CompactaSteril -mobile solution for surgery intervention and Sengeløfteren -bedlift.

“SplintEEZ is designed for use instead of traditional plaster with surgery-requiring ankle fractures. The product was developed based on an idea from orthopedists at Uppsala University Hospital and it has already been tested there. The CompactaSteril solution is a lightweight, mobile, ultra clean air system based on the use of a combination of HEPA-filter and sealed UV light. The product creates an ultra clean air zone for surgeries and other infection sensitive procedures. And Sengeløfteren -bedlift could be used for cleaning hospital beds at the wards. All products are not necessary suitable for testing in all project test beds but in any case we will have several test beds involved in testing each solution”, Nordic Test Beds Project Manager Kalevi Virta tells.

Project partners selected jointly the first cases for testing. Innovation Akademiska, which has years of experience in testing new healthcare solutions, gave valuable support in selecting the 3 candidates out of 12. Annika Remaeus, Head of Innovation Akademiska in Uppsala, thinks that there is one thing in common for the cases now selected. “We are testing innovations that can reduce costs and/or improve productivity. For example the testing of SplintEEZ in Uppsala University Hospital showed that it was appreciated by patients and staff and also saved time. Through the NoTeb collaboration we will be able to validate results from a Nordic perspective and know if there is a need for these solutions in the future hospitals in the Nordic”, Remaeus says.

Nordic Test Beds (NoTeB) project aims to impact public healthcare by sharing testbed related experiences and know-how of Nordic university hospitals and innovation centers. “Our aim is to drive the generation of new products based on the needs and ideas reported by the healthcare professionals. At the same time companies are supported in product development and broader market access by providing opportunities to run cases in realistic Nordic hospital test bed environments”, Virta says. The next cases to be tested in the project will be selected during the year 2016.

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